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an angry little furball

i felt like destroying something beautiful...

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Name:an angry little furball
Location:United States of America

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animals, art, being lazy, beth riesgraf, black and white photography, books, boysex, castiel, charlie hunnam, christian kane, christian/jensen, christian/steve, classic rock, damon salvatore, damon/elena, dante, dante/nero, dante/vergil, daydreaming, dean winchester, dean's ridiculous bowlegs, dean/castiel, dean/jax, devil may cry, drawing, dreams, elena gilbert, elijah, eliot spencer, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, graphics, harvey/donna, harvey/mike, hiding from the laundry, ian somerhalder, icons, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jax teller, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen's frecklessss, jensen's pretty pretty eyes, john winchester, lazy days, leverage, love, lust, misha collins, music, nathan ford, nero, overdosing on fanfiction, parker, peter/neal, photography, photoshop, pizza, poetry, poets, pretty boys, pretty boys doing very naughty things, pretty boys kissing, pretty boys with eyeliner, pretty girls, pretty pretty boys, procrastinating like a motherf*cker, prose, quotes, rain, reading, reading bathroom stall walls, roadtripping with the girls, sam winchester, sam/dean, sarcasm, saving people hunting things, shamelessly slashing people, singing, sitting on the beach, slash, sleeping, small towns, sons of anarchy, spooky places, steve carlson, storms, suits, supernatural, supernatural mini-marathons (just 'cause), the covenant, the secret circle, the vampire diaries, timothy hutton, tormenting the husband, trying (almost) anything once, vampire diaries, vampires, vergil, white collar, wincest, writing
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